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What Trees Are Good For Shade In Summer?

Trees are a wonderful way to provide natural shade during those sunny summer months, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors and want to avoid getting sunburned! Trees also help your yard look beautiful, while the branches and leaves keep your home cooler on hot days.

Whether you’re looking for a tree to provide shade and relief from the hot summer sun or just something beautiful, there are plenty of options out there for any budget.


Red Maple: The Red Maple is a wonderful option for those with space constraints or in need of something fast growing. In the spring the leaves are bright red, while during the autumn months the leaves turn yellow. They provide ample shade if planted together. They grow quickly, however don’t tend to be as large as other trees. Red Maples are typically around 40 feet high at most.

Quaking Aspen: The Quaking Aspen is one of the most popular trees in North America. With this fast-growing tree, you’ll have a great deal of shade in no time! The leaves are typically green with white or yellow undersides, and turn a stunning gold during the autumn months. For those with allergies, be forewarned that they grow tiny seeds that look like cotton balls that can be an irritant.

Northern Red Oak: A favorite tree in the Eastern United States is the Northern Red Oak. They grow at about half the speed of other trees, but can reach heights up to 80 feet tall! They have large, green leaves with white undersides that turn red during the autumn months when they start to fall to the ground.

Black Walnut: Are you looking for a tree that will be larger than most options out there? Try planting an American Black Walnut tree! These trees will grow up to 150 feet tall. They typically produce greenish-yellow flowers during the spring with large green leaves. These trees do provide a lot of shade, but keep in mind that the roots are known to cause erosion issues, so you want to avoid planting it near waterways or other areaS where this could pose a problem!

American Sycamore: The American Sycamore is another popular choice for those looking to plant a bigger tree in their yard. It can grow up to 100 feet tall and provides a lot of shade during those hot summer months! It grows green leaves on top with silvery-white undersides, and turns yellow or orange in the autumn before falling off completely.

Weeping Willow: The Weeping Willow is a stellar choice if you want something that is fast-growing with a lot of leaves. The branches droop down, which gives this beautiful tree the appearance of it crying. They will typically reach about 60 feet high and provide large green leaves that turn yellow during the autumn months before completely falling off. They produce brown seed pods instead of seeds, which means less mess for those who don’t like raking fallen leaves every year.

Sunset Maple: The Sunset Maple is perfect if you have open space in your front or back yard! With up to 2 feet of growth per year, it will quickly reach a full height of 60 feet providing ample shade. During the summer, you will see glossy green leaves and as autumn starts to roll around they will turn a beautiful orange-red to brilliant red.

Crimson King Maple: This unique Maple tree is one of a kind and it will bring a beautiful look to your home’s aesthetic, all while providing the shade you are looking for, as it stands up to 40 feet tall! During the spring, the Crimson King will push out small maroon-yellow flowers that way to purple samaras. Which means you can enjoy rich crimson-purple leaves all summer long!

Beech Tree: The American Beech Tree holds a special place in many hearts, with its wide-spreading canopy that provides great shade! This beautiful tree will dawn bronze leaves during the fall and once mature will reach up to 70 feet in height! Want to leave a legacy behind for future generations to enjoy? This slow grower would be the perfect ornament to leave!

Elm Tree: A graceful, stately shaped tree with branches that spread like fountains to provide ample shade - the Elm tree! The Elm is a fast growing tree that will stand to be a little over 40 feet tall with green leaves that turn a gorgeous gold in the autumn months.

Trees are an amazing source of shade in the summer, all while improving your home’s aesthetic. If you’re looking to add a tree to your property or need help with other landscaping services, our team is here to take care of your needs.

Call us today at (570) 889-5366 and we’ll get started on making sure that everything looks perfect for this season!

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