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What is Value?

What is value when it comes to landscape maintenance and snow removal services? Through our many years experience we've come to understand the reasons why we are a top choice among local businesses seeking maintenance services, snow removal services and landscape design. When choosing a contractor you won't get the same service from all the competitors. Perhaps your business is just looking at the lowest priced bid. And if that's the only factor when deciding which landscape company to go with, you very well may be disappointed in the results. We hope you consider the following factors before making this important decision:

Service: We offer courteous customer service from the first time you contact our office, to our professional staff that performs the work at your property. We promptly respond to questions and concerns. We maintain a tight schedule, keeping our commitments to you (weather permitting).

Quality: We have been in business for over 20 years and have maintained our outstanding reputation in our community. J&S has been recognized by CanDo Curb Appeal Awards and continues to grow thanks to our word of mouth referrals. We use quality materials. We have top quality equipment, and well trained staff. Speaking of staff, our crew has been with us for years!  


Reputation: Just ask around to other businesses and even residential customers of ours and they will speak of our

quality and professionalism. You want a company that is going to show up when they promise, perform the work above

and beyond your expectations, and be fairly priced. We pride ourselves on our reputation that could only be built by

satisfied customers. 

"After 20 years, my landscaper retired. J&S has filled their shoes and more. Services, designs and professionalism have been outstanding. 

Hopefully good for another 20 years. I'm lovin' it!"


-Scott Kavlick, McDonald's Owner Operator

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