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The Most Frequently Asked Questions By Our Customers



Q- Are you insured? 

A- Yes. J&S carries a full comprehensive policy. A copy can be made available upon request. 



Q- How long before you start our project?

A- J&S requires a signed contract and 50% deposit. Once we receive these we establish a start date.  However since our work is outdoors, we sometimes have to work around inclement weather.  Our office keeps in contact with you to let you know of any unforseen changes.



Q- How do I care for my new planting?

A-  J&S provides watering, fertilization and plant care instructions on our website, listed under Customer Corner. 


Q- What is your plant guarantee policy?

A- We warranty our plants, and the information on our policy can be found on the Plant Warranty page. 


Q- How do I care for my pavers?

A- J&S recommends keeping the surface clean and free of debris (leaves, etc.), wash or power wash (low pressure) to remove settled pollens, dirt, etc. We provide these services as well.

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