Should you need a watering service to care for your Eagle Rock property, call us to get on the watering schedule with Waterboys! 

Watering and Plant Care Instructions For New Plantings


Large trees                                10 gallons of water twice per week

Small trees                                3-5 gallons of water 3 times per week 

Shrubs (2-5 gallon)                   1-2 gallons of water 3 times per week 

Perennials (1-3 gallon)             1-2 gallons of water 3 times per week 

Annuals                                     Daily



New lawns must be watered daily with special attention applied to the edges for several weeks.

(Do not flood)

If your lawn is sod, please also pay close attention to watering the seams as well as the edges for several weeks.  Lift the corner of sod to see if your watering is sufficient.


Follow these instructions to ensure that your lawn thrives.

FERTILIZE all trees, shrubs, perennials 1 time per year in early spring

Trees, shrubs and perennials using our nursery blend.

Large Trees approximately 4 cups around drip line (canopy).

Shrubs approximately 1-2 cups around drip line. **Note: acid loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, boxwoods, and all evergreens, etc. require Holly Tone. 

Perennials approximately 1 cup around drip line.

Annuals feed with Miracle Grow every 2 weeks.


ALL PLANTS should be planted in quality soil. Over dig hole, amend with our 70/30 nursery blend soil.

*Spray all newly installed plants with Deer Stopper Deer spray 2 times per month to prevent deer damage and browsing.


*Supplies available at our nursery. 


Protect bark on trees from Buck rub. Burlap or wire. Wrap with burlap, boxwoods, rhododendrons, Hollies, any evergreen that may be damaged from deer or winter burn. 


Property Maintenance Program

Deer Control Program

Please Inquire!

If you are unable to follow our recommended watering instructions, or would just like a watering service to water for you, we recommend WATERBOYS.

Available only in Eagle Rock at this time. 

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J&S Landscaping