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How important is curb appeal? What does it say about your property or your business? 

Is cutting the grass enough?

A well-maintained property includes cutting the grass, pruning and trimming trees, weed control, cleaned and edged beds. The property should be free of debris and trash as well. 

Curb Appeal is a key element in determining your property's value and resale advantages. 

For businesses, it is of primary importance in attracting and maintaining clientele. For example, when you are about to stop at a local business, what do you notice first? Is it clean and well maintained on the outside? Are the plantings updated and modern? What is your impression of the business if it is not?

As a local business proprietor with a vested interest in my community's economic growth, we take pride in how your business comes across to those in our community. We believe that a community depends on taking care of one another. 

When a property is well maintained, a client is reassured that the care that went into the management of the property will be transferred to them. Feeling well taken care of is essential in producing loyal customers who share their experience with others. 

In this swiftly changing demographic, your business deserves to be recognized for it's superior presence and to experience the growth that comes from that recognition within the community. 

J&S Landscaping provides the expertise and craftsmanship you deserve in landscape design, superior property maintenance and value-enhancing structures that showcase your business' dynamic presence. 

Curb Appeal

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