Azalea Gilbraltar
Lilac bush
PJM Rhododendron
White Azalea
Strong Box Holly (Dwarf Inkberry)
Russian Cypress
Russian Sage
Lemon Princess Spirea
Features showy clusters of hot pink flowers at the ends of the branches from late spring to early summer.
Strongbox Holly
Compact, evergreen, naturally mounded shrub that offers resistance to deer, disease, and winter burn.
Picea 'Little Gem'
Norway Spruce - dwarf, evergreen shrub of dense habit forming a flattened globe or bun. Its short branches are covered with finely textured, soft, tiny needles, emerging bright green in spring and turning dark green over time.
Helmond Pillar Barberry
Is a very striking vertical deciduous shrub, growing 4 or 5 feet tall, but staying just 1 or 2 feet wide. It has rich, deep-purple to red leaves, which hold their color throughout spring and summer, and then turn bright red in fall.
Green Velvet Boxwood
It has small, rounded leaves that are glossy, thick and an attractive shade of rich green.
Ilex Holly
Gold Carex Grass
This grass has bright gold foliage with thin green margins and is taller than most other varieties.
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