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Think Spring 2024

Fall is the perfect time to prep your lawn to be ready for Spring!

Plant Spring Bulbs

You might be asking why you should plant spring bulbs in the fall. The soil is still warm in the fall and that gives your newly planted bulbs a chance to get established underground! Building a strong root system that will prepare them for their above ground growth, and flowering, come spring time!

Aeration & Overseeding

Your yard had a workout over the summer with high temperatures, increased foot traffic, and even lawn diseases. Aeration and overseeding help bring back that lush, green lawn again by thickening the outer grass layer, reduce weed growth, and enhance your lawn’s ability to protect itself from insects.

Trimming & Pruning

Prevent safety hazards by having the dead or overgrown branches pruned away from the roof of your house and other structures. Additionally, if you have landscape lighting fixtures installed, it is a good precaution to not have shrubs or trees shadowing them to ensure safety during the icy, wintery months.

Fall pruning and trimming readies your plants for the following growing season, promoting new growth when the time arrives! When your plant is trimmed while dormant, it is less likely to attract insects and spread disease. And by the same token, if a tree or shrub is diseased, it is easier to spot and address problem areas when leafless.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Fall fertilization is one of the most beneficial practices when managing cool season turf. Having these applications done late in the year is contingent upon having a fluid lawn care program with routine applications in the spring and summer.

The main benefit of late season fertilization is it gives the turf the ability to grow out stressors that may have occurred over the warmer months, and helps provide the necessary nutrients for new seedlings to germinate and mature!

Late season fertilization ensures better fall and winter color, earlier spring green-up, increased shoot density, improved fall, winter, and spring root growth, and food storage reserve within the turf plant.

Fall Clean Up Services

Here at J&S, we offer the fall clean up services you need.

  • Turf or no turf homes, your property is cleaned of all leaves and debris, and we cart them away.

  • If you have turf areas, they are blown out, cut, and edged.

  • Fall fertilizer and lime is applied.

  • Specialized fertilizer is applied to all plants and small caliper trees.

  • Burlap wrapping is applied to selective trees and shrubs to protect from deer and winter burn

  • Optionally, you can opt into gutter cleaning

Call us 570-889-5366 to lock in that lush, green spring lawn!

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