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Deer Control Program

We are proud to offer deer control to our community to deter deer from damaging your landscape’s plants and trees!

What do we use?

Unlike most deer repellent products, we use DeerPro. It is an EPA approved repellent that is an egg-based spray designed for long lasting, low-smelling protection. With each application, you have four to six weeks of protection that is not degraded by rain or irrigation.

It delivers what others only claim to: reliability, long-lasting, and professional strength protection.

What do I do in the winter?

With DeerPro, just one spray as early as September protects your woody ornamental plants like Rhododendrons, Azalea, Hemlocks, and Pine all winter long.

That’s SIX solid months of protection all the way until April when the deer have a switch in their diet to broadleaf weeds, annuals, and perennials. 

In addition to DeerPro protection, we will also install tree trunk protection and burlap wrap for winter months.

How do I get on the Deer Control list?

  • Contact the office or submit a contact form

  • Schedule a free estimate of your property

  • Within a week, we will have an estimate and customized deer control plan ready

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