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Fall Landscape Clean-Up: A Pivotal Practice

Have you noticed the leaves are starting to change color? Fall is on the way! It's time to start thinking about fall lawn care! Fall clean-up is a pivotal practice ensuring your landscapes health and vitality.

The Starting Stage Of Fall Foliage in Zion Grove, Pennsylvania

The following is a brief overview of what we do for our current clients. If you're a current client reading this, reach out to us if there are any questions or if you have a specific request in regard to your fall clean-ups.

What is typically included in a fall clean-up service or a larger, full-service program?

  • Raking leaves and composting clippings

  • Disposing of lawn debris

  • Cutting back perennials

  • Selective shrubs & trees are wrapped with burlap to protect from deer and winter burn

  • Specialized fertilizer is applied to all plants and small caliper trees

  • Weed Control

  • Aeration to allow nutrients to reach the grass roots over the winter season

As the calendar rolls into October and November, the significance of fall landscape clean-up becomes undeniable.

Why is fall clean-up important?

Fall clean-up is important for maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn, preventing pest and disease issues, and ensuring the safety of your outdoor space. It's a proactive measure that sets the stage for a beautiful and thriving lawn in the seasons to come.

J&S Landscaping is dedicated to ensuring your clean-up gets done this season.

Contact us to get on our schedule!

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